Cadio WOD 13-04-20

A cadio workout, for time, 8 rounds of 400m run with 90 seconds rest between round.

12 Top Fitness Products on Amazon

With the Government recommendation of social distancing as well as offices are shutting down, more and more people are staying at home. Spending time at home listening to all the news can be stressful, therefore it’s best to spend sometimes away from all the news. With a lot more free time on your hands, there […]

Burpees Challenge

Another burpee challenge for you to try. This one is actually from CrossFit Open in 2012, Open Workout 12.1. Let see how many you can do:  

Death by Burpees

Burpees is one of the most hated exercise and it’s the exercise that people tried to avoid. However it’s one of the best fat burning exercise you can do. Here’s a full body burpees workout for you to try: AMRAP means As Many Round As Possible  So in this workout you would do: 5 burpees  […]

Count Down WOD

In this workout, you start of by doing 10 burpees, 10 push-ups, and 10 sit-ups. Then 9 burpees, 9 push-ups, and 9 sit-ups. Each round is decreased by 1 rep and work your way down to one.

WOD 25-02-20

If you want to try CrossFit style workout, here’s a workout you can do using only body weight, no equipment required. For time: Start with 400m run then 21 Push-ups 21 Sit-ups 21 Air-squats  15 Push-ups 15 Sit-ups 15 Air-squats  9 Push-ups 9 Sit-ups 9Air-squats  then 400m run

Best Exercise in 2020

Many people have started their New Year off by making New Year’s resolutions, hoping to create positive change in their life. One common theme that most of you will have is to lose some weight and to improve health and fitness. However, I think both of them go hand in hand, by focusing on improving […]

What is CrossFit

You’ve probably heard about CrossFit, or your friends are obsessed about it, and you are wondering what all the fuss is about. So you googled CrossFit and what you see are these girls with huge muscles lifting heavy weights and performing seemingly impossible tasks. But that’s the misconception around what CrossFit is, people think what […]