The Number One Reason Why You Can Not Lose Weight

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We all have been there before, comes New Year, and everybody sets their new year’s resolutions. Wanting six-packs abs or losing so many pounds by the summer. But most people give up after a few weeks or months. The main reason that most people give up on their weight loss goal is the lack of real motivation or motives for their weight loss. If you asked most people why they wanted to lose weight, their answer would be to be healthy, to look better or to fit into their old clothes and they believe that it will make them happy. But in reality, those reasons are superficial and not the real motives. After starting their weight loss plan for a while, they feel miserable and lose sight of their goal even though they lost some weight then gave up because they lacked real motivation.

If you look at successful weight loss transformation stories, you will find that majority of them have one thing in common. They all reach one point in their life where they say enough is enough and decided from that point on that they’re going to lose weight. It’s like their “aha” moment, for some it might be doctors telling them that they need to start taking diabetes medication, for another maybe they cannot play with their 4 years old kid for a few minutes without running out of breath, or it could be finding it hard to do something as simple as getting off the floor. So those reasons become their real motivation behind their weight loss goal, whether it’s to become diabetes free or to be able to play with their kids or to see their grandchildren growing up etc.

So the most important thing to do to be successful at losing weight is to find the real reason why you want to lose weight. Even if you have the best diet plan in the world, without real motivation, you will not be successful at losing weight. Instead of waiting for you to reach a point in your life where things become so unbearable for you to make it the reason that makes you want to lose weight. Here are some tips to help you find out the real reason for you to lose weight and to make your real motivation.

  1. Write down, what do you think will happen if you continue with your current behavior. (Eating junk food, not exercising, etc.) An example would be to keep gaining weight, getting diabetes, lack of mobility, not be able to play with your kids.
  2. Write down what do you think will happen if you improve your diet and start exercises. An example would be losing weight, be able to wear nice clothes, can easily tie your own shoes, stop taking prescription medicines.
  3. This is the most crucial step, having thought about various possibilities of continuing your current behavior or improve your lifestyle. You should carefully consider what the main reason for you to lose weight is. Once you come up with that reason, then you should ask yourself, “why?” and you should keep asking yourself why until you come up with a reason that truly moves you and fill you with passion. For example, if your main reason is “to be healthier.” Then you should ask yourself, “Why do I want to be healthier?” “So I won’t die early.” “Why don’t you want to die early?” “So I can play with my kids and be there for my family.” So that would be the real reason why you want to lose weight.
  4. Write down your main reason why you want to lose weight and put it where you can see it every day and use it as your motivation. Another trick you can use to help to remind yourself of your motivation is asking yourself, “would I rather” when you are faced with temptation. For example, if your favorite snack is cake, you can ask yourself, “would I rather eat this cake and feel like crap all day or eat an apple and be one step closer to my goal?”

So I hope these tips can help you find the real reason for wanting to make changes to your lifestyle, whether it’s eating healthier or exercising more. And use it as the motivation to keep it going to reach your goal.

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